Full-Time (Short-Term) Nanny in Pearland (6 months+)

Nurturing, dedicated Nanny with years of newborn/infant experience for family in Pearland. Mom will be returning to work full-time in early August and would like for Nanny to begin mid to late July. Position will be short-term for 6 months initially with the possibility of extending a few months. Must be confident in all aspects of newborn/infant care and have some Child … Continue reading »

Short-Term Night Nanny in Pearland

Short-Term Night Nanny/Newborn Care Specialist for 5-7 nights per week initially. Must have years of Night Nanny experience and sleep training expertise. Ideal Night Nanny will have a supportive, nurturing demeanor There are no pets in the home.

Part-Time/Full-Time On-Call Babysitters

We have a number of private and corporate clients who use our babysitters for daytime care, date nights, special events, or emergency childcare when regular arrangements fall through (such as nanny illness, mild child illness, school holidays, or employee travel). Experience babysitters are employed by the agency directly, and booked using your flexible schedule. You must be interested in working … Continue reading »