Part-Time Nanny in Zilker Park/Bouldin area

Kind, engaging Part-Time Nanny who is dedicated and very personable for family of 4 in the Zilker Park/Bouldin area. This is a school-year only position; Nanny would not be needed to work during the summer months or when Mom is off work. Mom is an Educator and care is needed for the school-year only. Family is flexible and is willing to consider Nanny who has own child/children and would need to bring them to work as long as she is highly reliable and has a secure childcare back-up plan. There are 2 cats in the home. Excellent driving record required; Nanny will be picking up children from school and driving to/from activities. Would like for Nanny to provide age-appropriate, stimulating activities and games for the children that encourage their creativity, growth & development. Light housekeeping/tidying assistance appreciated. Seeking Nanny who is passionate about working with upper elementary children and will be be fair/impartial between the two children. Family is very playful and relaxed; prefers to hire Nanny with a low key temperament.. Would receive 5 paid sick/personal days and 5 paid vacation days.